How is it that it’s taken this long for me to see Scar 13 dressed up as a devil girl? Those evil horns and red body paint seem to fit her perfect, but what I like best is the deviant little butt-plug devil tail that seems to be made for Scar. This BarelyEvil update by Amelia
G and Forrest black shows everything Scar’s got and plenty of it, up close and personal for your damntastic enjoyment.

Devil Scar 13

When my thoughts stray, as they often do, to all the naughtiest things that inked, pierced and pervy goth chicks could do in my general vicinity, drinking blood from a silver chalice is certainly high on the list. But if you check out this amazing GothicSluts set, you’ll see what bad, bad, bad girl Stephanie Slaughter does when the blood really gets flowing. It is so far beyond naughty that she deserves the kind of a spanking that only a porn writer can give, if you get my drift.

Stephy Slaughter Blood