Ah, the 1950s. Eisenhower was in charge, “The Honeymooners” ruled TV, Outfit boss Sam Giancana kept things orderly in Chicago and J. Edgar Hoover fondled his secret files while plotting his assault on left-leaning pinkos who wanted to fluoridate our drinking water. And Senator Estes Kefauver spearheaded a witch-hunt against a pair of Los Angeles photographers for selling dirty pictures of this hot brunette named Smoking Mary Janeā€¦ no, wait a second, I got lost in time, there — see what happens when you fuck around with a particle accelerator before breakfast? But seriously, folks: this unbelievably hot Smoking Mary Jane oozes the feel of the fifties in her style and her look; in this Amelia G and Forrest Black Gothic Sluts shoot, she’s all red lingerie, fishnets, black heels and legs to high Heaven. Back in the ’50s, though, we didn’t know about the filthy poses she offers for Amelia & Forrest’s lascivious lens — which is why, I submit, there’s no time like the present, and no chick in the world like Smoking Mary Jane.

Smoking Mary Jane Red Retro

I recently got the sad, sad news that bespectacled badass Bella Vendetta would be shutting down her eponymous site because the credit card billers don’t like her brand of porn and she’s not willing to water it down. In mourning that awesome site, I am more than a little comforted by the fact that Bella is sure to still be out there posing for shoots like this irresistible set from Amelia G and Forrest Black. Bella sums up so many things I love in a woman: she’s smart, geeky, iconoclastic, nasty and unfailingly sensuous. But let’s get shallow for a moment: my God what a gorgeous body she has. Perhaps more importantly, there’s something very special about being up close and personal as a punk chick with NRRDCORE and RIOT GRRL tattooed across her fingers slides a big glass dildo deep into herself. Mmmmm, Bellla.

Although, as a writer, Amelia G merrily debunks much of what one might associate with St. Patrick’s Day. She points out that the holiday kind of started in the Americas, the whole leprechaun thing can be attributed to Disney, shamrocks were ganked from the Pagans, and green beer was definitely not utilized in the Irish celebrations of St. Patrick’s Day when all the pubs were legally closed until the 1970’s. Nonetheless, as a photographer, Amelia G says she loves the iconography of the holiday. And who can resist lucky clovers and a teeny leprechaun hat when sexy Ariel X is the model!? BarelyEvil members are sure to enjoy there being two hot sets of Ariel in green. We hear the original color for the holiday was blue, but green really works on Ariel, as photographed by Blue Blood’s Amelia G and Forrest Black.

Ariel X St. Patrick's Day