Lori Mann’s RubberDollies set of redheaded cigarette fetishist Julie Simone and blonde femme fatale Aiden Starr make it extremely hard not to make puns about “smoking,” but between Julie’s red rubber lingerie and Aiden’s long black latex dress — not to mention the latter’s knee-high black lace-ups and the former’s spike heels — you’ll be thinking about less smoke and more blazing inferno. These two gorgeous dames look better in rubber than almost any beauties around, and Mann captures them gloriously.

Kinky Aiden Starr and Julie Simone

In case you haven’t heard, April Flores is making a big splash lately as the star of Carlos Batts’s erotic film Voluptuous Life, about April’s adventures from Los Angeles to New York and points between. In this Amelia G & Forrest Black GothicSluts set, she sports red fishnets, high heels, a cute pink dress, and her trademark candy-apple hair as she shows off her gorgeous face and lovely, curvy body.

April Flores

In this Forrest Black & Amelia G set, Natalie Adams wears thigh-high boots, a corset and a shiny open-tit long-sleeve top that is as lickable as it is perverse, but you know what? It’s the gas mask that makes the outfit. Apparently it’s a pretty standard industrial design, but I doubt any of the folks working with belt sanders or spray guns look as good in a chemical mask as Natalie does… but then, very few people wear anything as well as this smokin’ hot purple-haired ivory-skinned beauty.

Kinky Rubber Rivet Girl Natalie Addams