In this very special GothicSluts set by Forrest Black and Amelia G, Scar 13 carves a very naughty pumpkin. You have to see the whole set to really get the full effect. It is unbelievably sexy. Scar playfully creates her jack-o-lantern, gets pumpkin guts all over her lithe body, and demonstrates that she is very very very very flexible, in a very very very very hot way.

Scar 13 Naked Pumpkin Carving

I don’t think I’ll shock you if I say I wouldn’t mind spending some time with Scar13 in a toilet stall, especially if she’s wearing the slutty kind of hot pants, black mesh and high heels she sports at the beginning of this tasty set by Jerry Bennett. But I’d like it even more if she’s down with stripping it all off and spreading like she does later in the set. What I love about Scar is she’s not afraid to get busy wherever she finds herself with the means, motive and opportunity — none of which are in short supply when you’ve got a body and a pout like our Scar.

Scar13 Bathroom

How is it that it’s taken this long for me to see Scar 13 dressed up as a devil girl? Those evil horns and red body paint seem to fit her perfect, but what I like best is the deviant little butt-plug devil tail that seems to be made for Scar. This BarelyEvil update by Amelia
G and Forrest black shows everything Scar’s got and plenty of it, up close and personal for your damntastic enjoyment.

Devil Scar 13