In case you haven’t heard, April Flores is making a big splash lately as the star of Carlos Batts’s erotic film Voluptuous Life, about April’s adventures from Los Angeles to New York and points between. In this Amelia G & Forrest Black GothicSluts set, she sports red fishnets, high heels, a cute pink dress, and her trademark candy-apple hair as she shows off her gorgeous face and lovely, curvy body.

April Flores

In this Forrest Black & Amelia G set, Natalie Adams wears thigh-high boots, a corset and a shiny open-tit long-sleeve top that is as lickable as it is perverse, but you know what? It’s the gas mask that makes the outfit. Apparently it’s a pretty standard industrial design, but I doubt any of the folks working with belt sanders or spray guns look as good in a chemical mask as Natalie does… but then, very few people wear anything as well as this smokin’ hot purple-haired ivory-skinned beauty.

Kinky Rubber Rivet Girl Natalie Addams

Zophya is an irresistible lovely with a pierced lip and absolutely perfect tits. In this set from Barely Evil guest photographer Rhino, she gets naked in the kitchen and then intimate with a big red dildo, a carafe of milk and a pair of mini-donuts, not necessarily in that order. She is utterly adorable and needs many more sweet things rubbed over that flawless pair.

Punky Wild Girl Zophya

As a Sisters-lovin’ Baudelaire-quotin’ blood-drinker from way back, I get goosebumps seeing Zoe kickin’ it old school with a black velvet coat, black hair and ultra-sexy pewter ankh-rosary. The goosebumps quickly give way to other sensations, however, when Zoe strips off her velvet and deliciously displays what her mama (and the tattoo artists) gave her, as she does in this delectable Forrest Black & Amelia G Gothic Sluts set.

Busty Tattoo Gothic Beauty Zoe

To me, Michele Aston is the epitome of the DIY esthetic; this punky scientist decided she wanted to become a porn star, so she did — transforming into a self-described “goth MILF” with tattoos that give your eyes plenty of excuses to crawl lovingly over every inch of her gorgeous flesh. So it’s only suitable that she’s posed here in front of Forrest Black’s nostalgia-inducing wall of punk flyers while she gets very intimate with an acrylic cross in this Amelia & Forrest BarelyEvil set. For the record, Michelle Aston can sequence my DNA any time she wants.

Tattoo Babe Michelle Aston

Wicked spooky Bee has the hottest pouty little mouth and I love the intimacy of this hot series. Getting to see her peel off her sexy little red panties, revealing her beautiful little hairless slit, while watching her nipple slowly tighten with excitement is a real treat. Then it even gets hotter as she is bound up tight, gagged and presented, ready for any kind of kinky fun. BarelyEvil has the sexy stuff for sure.